Bio-Identical Hormone

Bio-Identical HormoneA hormone imbalance can cause more than just uncomfortable hot flashes. As we age, changes in hormone levels can result in fatigue, weight changes, loss of libido, poor concentration and much more. If you’re experiencing the debilitating symptoms of a hormone imbalance, there’s no need to suffer, we can help.

Whether you are in your late 20's or 60's, your hormones can become unbalanced. Factors such as stress, medications, sleeping habits, eating habits and daily routines can affect your body's ability to effectively keep all hormones in balance. As a result we begin to feel, well - nothing. Patients can actually become indifferent toward their life. The things that once brought great joy and satisfaction now feel common and unfulfilling. Such an imbalance can greatly affect a woman's sex drive. For men, libido is less affected and instead, afternoon fatigue can be the presenting symptom, as well as a change in morning erection.

A thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your hormones can show where the imbalance is. Once identified, bio-identical hormone therapy designed to replenish and optimize your hormones can begin.

Treatment options may consist of injections, creams or sublingual troches.


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